Jun 14, 2009

Man2Man Recap - June 13: Real, Relevant & Reaching

Our Man2Man bible study session this Saturday was filled with words of wisdom and a call to authentic Christian living. The scriptures we examined were:
Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
3 John 2 and
John 14:6.

Each man was challenged to "Be Real, Be Relevant . . . so you can Reach".

In order to be effective in spreading the Gospel, we need to have a real relationship with Christ that goes beyond Sunday Worship attendence. We need to have a true relationship with the Word of God because when we develop a love for reading and STUDYING the Word, it becomes alive to us.

We discussed what it means to FEAR God - a reverance and respect for God that makes us want to keep His commandments and stay within His will.

Men were then encouraged to "pray without ceasing" - praying needs to become like breathing to us where we do not even think about it. A practical way to do this is to say "breath prayers" throughout the day at pre-determined times so that you are always meditating on God.

The session closed out with each man giving a practical example of what FAITH meant to them. Through tear-filled eyes, men shared testimonies which touched the depths of everybody's hearts and no man left there unchanged - including the young muslim man who was invited by one of the brothers to attend. He did not give his life to Christ right then, but (with a glow on his face) he spoke about how the meeting had 'opened his eyes to a lot of things'.

Praise the Lord Cathedral men - we are Determined, Disciplined and Doing.

... till next time!

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