May 18, 2009

Monday Devotional: Forgiveness

by Cranston Chester

I was recently reading Genesis 37 -46:30 - the story about Joseph and what he went through from the time he was sold into slavery to the time that he saw his father (Jacob) again. I was especially moved when he first met his brothers again after they sold him into slavery and they did not recognize him. I started to think to myself. If my brothers had sold me into slavery and left me for dead would I have had tremendous hatred for them?
Sometimes we may experience broken relationships in and out of the Body of Christ that could leave us hurt, resentful, and distrusting of others. As children of God we should always forgive those who wronged us and ask forgiveness of those we wronged.

I have found that holding grudges only weighs me down while the person that offended me may be “free as a bird”.

I am reminded of what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did for us on the cross at Calvary. Even though we did not deserve it, He died for our sins, and grants those that believe in Him everlasting life (John 3:16). Whenever you are wronged or wrong someone, forgive or ask for forgiveness to release that burden! Do not generalize all of your future relationships based on the bad one you had! You will be excluding yourself from the other blessings that God trying to bring into your life!

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