Mar 12, 2009

What is Enlightened Iron? (Wassup Part I)

The name of this blog combines two ideas - Enlightened and Iron - as a metaphor for the types of issues that we will attempt to write about and comment on. To break it down a little further, here is the reasoning behind the two parts:

ENLIGHTENED will give you the following definitions of Enlightened

1. having knowledge and spiritual insight [ant: unenlightened]

2. characterized by full comprehension of the problem involved; "an educated guess"; "an enlightened electorate" [syn: educated]


"Iron" is the metaphor used by the author of Proverbs as he describes the important relationship between men. The idea that each man makes each other sharper by their interaction with each other.


This blog's lofty goal is to elevate the discussion among all Godly men to deal with contemporary topics where our voices need to be heard. There are no easy answers, but we should at least be part of the conversation. If you watch most commercials closely in which men are involved, the men are depicted as either libido-driven adolescents, or dim-witted imbeciles or both.

Think about the famous "WASSSUP" commercial for Bud Light.

Yes, it resonated with that primal nature that exists in all of us, and the humor was not lost on a single man watching the Superbowl that year. But if that is the only view the common man has of himself, we are lost.

Being enlightened simply means: "knowing what's going on around you". There is nothing fancy about the definition we use in this blog. We just want you to open your eyes, think about what we are saying, and share your thoughts.

Welcome to Enlightened Iron.

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